Amazing Goop Coat it Epoxy sealer 8 pound kit

Amazing GOOP Coat-It Epoxy Sealer
8lb kit

Product Description

Amazing GOOP Coat-It Epoxy Sealer
8lb kit

Brought to you by Kommit. We are proud to be an approved reseller of Eclectic Products Inc.
These products are very high quality and are manufactured in the USA.

Coat-It is formulated with ceramic beads for abrasion resistance, graphite to give it slip or lubricity and Kevlar® fiber for extreme toughness. It’s a superior, waterproof epoxy sealer that will protect your boat bottom or truck bed. Coat-It can be applied to aluminum, fiberglass and wood surfaces with ease.

• Easy to use – just pour, stir and apply
• Tough – reinforced with Kevlar fibers for superior strength
• Practical – enables boats to glide smoothly over debris and rocks
• Fast drying – sets and dries completely in 10-12 hours
• Waterproof
• Seals small leaks and splits in a single coat

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