ECO sports and orthotic insole Small

Sport Insoles: SMALL size

Product Description

Sport Insoles: SMALL size
1. Ideal for heavy sport feet…

2. Unique design cushions all day long.

3. Cooling vents designed to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable.

4. Firm heel cup provides contoured extra thick arch support.

5. Gel pad for shock absorption in high impact area.

6. Tough enough for those who play on their feet.

7. Minimize fatigue and stress.

8. Great for any sports, walking, running, tennis, skateboarding, netball, rugby soccer, golf, basketball, softball etc. Protect your feet from the shocks and impact of being active.

9. Supports flat feet, fallen arches, helps to reduce stress on ankles, knees, hips and back by improving foot posture

10. Can be trimmed to fit, can be hand washed in warm water and air dry if required

11. Remove existing insoles in your shoes and simply replace with these and feel the difference!


SMALL size insoles fit:
UK Female 4-6
US Female 5-7

UK Male 3-5
US Male 4-6

MEDIUM size insoles fit:
UK Female 7-9
US Female 8-10

UK Male 6-8
US Male 7-9

LARGE size insoles fit:
UK Female 11plus
US Female 12plus

UK Male 9-11
US Male 10-12