Kommit ABEC 7

ABEC – 7 Skate Bearings KOMMIT

Product Description

Set of 8 bearings. Designed for Aggressive Pro Skateboarders
Best quality, very fast, self lubricated, high quality chrome steel. Suitable for skateboards, in line skates, roller blades, or scooters. Bearings can rotate up to 34,000rpm. 2x Metal or rubber shields to protect moving parts from dust or contamination. Self lubricated with low viscosity grease to ensure fastest possible speeds and longest life.

Rating- ABEC – 7
Bearing size- 8x22x7mm
Inner race- High quality chrome steel
Outer race- High quality chrome steel
Balls- High quality chrome steel balls
Ball retainer- Nylon cage
Closures- 2x metal or rubber shields
Weight- 97 grams