E6000 Spray adhesive pump bottle 8 oz

E6000® Spray Adhesive supplied by KOMMIT 8oz

Product Description

E6000® Spray Adhesive supplied by KOMMIT 8oz

Made in USA by Eclectic Products

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There is no other product like it! E6000 Spray Adhesive is a permanent, multi-purpose latex-based adhesive without the toxic smells, fumes or unhealthy side effects. It is strong, flexible, water-resistant, resists bleed-through and yellowing and works well on most all materials.
Features and Benefits:

No odor
Clean-up with water
Use on multiple surfaces
Extremely strong, flexible and resists water
Not harmful — contains NO VOCs, harsh chemicals, or propellants
Photo safe
Super easy to use — Just spray
Dries translucent